Couples Therapy

There are a number of reasons why couples seek therapy and they often include one of the following:

Bettering communication, conflict resolution, coping with stress, coping with mental illness, affairs, infidelity and betrayal, increasing intimacy and connection, bettering sex life, building and strengthening relationships, coping with life transitions including marriage, preparing for a baby, loss of a loved one, and so many others

We also work with couples in the areas of:

Pre-marital counseling, pregnancy and transitioning into parenting, blended families, workplace and/or stress parenting and co-parenting, life stress, family conflict and resolution.

While each therapist has their own, unique and individual style of therapy, we all incorporate an emotionally-focused, strengths-based, pragmatic and practical approach with couples to get to the heart of what’s going on and uncover some of the deeper issues that could be preventing you and your partner from moving forward. Sometimes this means working in the present, talking about what’s happening currently that’s causing some issues for you. Sometimes this can also mean spending a little time in the past, trying to gain closure over past hurts or pains that are blocking the way for a healthy, happy relationship. Lisa Pisha, MS, LMFT, Angela Michalak, MA, LCPC, and Michaele Knous, MS, LCPC have all completed various levels of Gottman Clinical Training and will often implement assessment and tools based on the principles and approach of the Gottman Therapy Method

We usually see couples together, for the entire 55-60 minute session, but will sometimes work one-on-one with a partner if we all feel that would be beneficial.