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Protecting Young Minds from Pornography


Gather & Grow Workshop Series


Protecting Young Minds from Pornography

Facilitated by Pam Caine, CPC

Because pornography has become so accessible to children and teenagers through internet enabled mobile devices, the days of being able to prevent exposure to it are long gone. Instead, kids need to be taught early what pornography is, why it’s dangerous, and exactly how they can reject it, helping them protect their brains by installing their own internal filter.

Learn how to teach your children and teenagers:

What Pornography is • How it can impact their growing brain • The science behind it's addicting nature • The necessary cognitive skills to reject pornography's enticing messages

November 9th • 7pm–8:30pm
Grow Relationship Therapy | 121 N. Washington Street | Suite 2A | Naperville IL 60540
$40.00 individual registration fee / $60.00 couple registration fee / Book included