Individual Counseling & Therapy

Individual therapy is a relationship between you and your therapist harmonized by collaboration and compassion. We work together with you to learn about the areas and/or issues in your life you’d like to focus on, your individual needs and help you grow in ways you may not have thought of before.

Our therapists work with individuals including pre-teens, teens and adults in the areas of: anxiety, depression, grief and loss, self-esteem, guilt and shame, vulnerability, living life more authentically, deepening and strengthening relationships within yourself and/or with others, conflict-resolution, life transitions, divorce and parenting along with many other areas. Individual development, professional development, exploration of self, attaining balance, therapy for therapists and childhood, adolescent and adult trauma are also areas we specialize in.

We want to help you feel at peace, find relief from the struggle you are experiencing. Together, we’re hopeful we can achieve that. Our therapists are skilled in individual, family and couples therapy and have trained extensively in areas of: EMDR, Tapping, HMR, Gottman, Brené Brown, Susan Johnson, DBT, ACT, Mindfulness, and more.

Each session is between 55 and 60 minutes in length. We often see clients anywhere from one session to a number of months, depending on what it is we are working on together. There are no pre-determined number of sessions and the length of your treatment truly is dependent on your circumstance. We see individual clients ages 11 and up including pre-teens, adolescents and adults.