Family Life Coaching at Grow

Family Life Coaching provides practical tools that help parents and children improve family life through stronger relationships, better communication and healthier behavior patterns.  Family Life Coaching is educational and practical.  It is action oriented and focuses on solving the immediate challenges that families face.  A coach can support a family or an individual family member to learn research-based theories, techniques and skills that help move families forward toward their goals. Family Life Coaching helps families assess strengths and weaknesses, understand family behaviors, set actionable and attainable goals, and implement new family practices and communication patterns that help to meet those goals.

Who should consider Family Life Coaching?

Family Life Coaching is for any family group or family member who—

  • Would like a professional sounding board to sort through family life struggles;
  • Is unable to maintain a positive and connected relationship;
  • Deals frequently with power struggles around family rules, homework, screen time, bedtime, sibling conflicts or other challenges;
  • Sees behavior in their children they would like to improve;
  • Feels that family life is out of balance and is looking for more simplicity or a different family lifestyle;
  • Is facing the complexities of blended families or the painful transitions that come with divorcing parents;
  • Feels stress and contention with tweens, teenagers or young adults, unable to communicate and connect;
  • Would like to improve their relationship with their parents, siblings, friends or classmates; or
  • Wants to be a better parent, but is uncertain of how to improve.

What to expect?

Initial Conversation:  We can schedule a free 20-minute conversation to talk about whether family life coaching is right for you.

Coaching Sessions:  Coaching sessions are typically 50-55 minutes.  Many families find that 4 - 6 coaching sessions are exactly what they need to make positive change in their family life.  Some families prefer fewer sessions and others find that ongoing support over time works well.  

Coaches: Grow’s Family Life Coaches are trained professionals. Coaches meet with one or both parents, the family group, or individual children.  A coach can also plan an in-home visit if that would be beneficial.  

Who to contact?

Please call us at Grow Relationship Therapy (630-256-8378) or feel free to reach out directly to Pam Caine, Family Life Coach, at or 630-256-8378, ext. 105.