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Project Self Compassion

Project Self Compassion
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Project Self Compassion is a weekly support group created for teen girls who are interested in increasing self-awareness, cultivating inner strength, improving emotional resiliency and learning to better manage relationships.   By sharing experiences in a group setting, members will gain the tools and strategiesto help manage challenging emotions.  

SELF COMPASSION – teaches us to accept emotions --not judge them  or ourselves.

SELF COMPASSION – allows us to open up and make room for all emotions – allowing them to flow freely through without evaluation or resistance. 

SELF COMPASSION – kindness towards ourselves -- being as kind to ourselves as we are to those we care about.

SELF COMPASSION – understanding we share a common humanity, acknowledging suffering of all people.  Suffering is not abnormal, but part of the human condition.

Max 10 participants. 

Bird by Bird for Teens

Our eight-week CBT- and DBT-inspired process group for teens ages 15-18 diagnosed with depression, anxiety and mood disorders. Led by Emily Keehn, MA, LPC this group focuses on skills-based tools, techniques and healthy coping along with process-oriented topics such as worthiness, belonging, cultivating creativity, living wholeheartedly and learning to live a more present-minded and connected life along with building supportive relationships.

Max 10 participants. Cost is $275.


Active Parenting of Teens™

Parenting teens and tweens can be the Best of times and the Worst of times.  In this class you will learn what’s going on in your teen’s head, which will help you figure out why they do the things they do.  You’ll learn how to open up lines of communication, encourage cooperation and responsibility, and discipline effectively.  We will also explore techniques for solving the inevitable problems that crop up.  The skills you learn in this class will give you more confidence and courage to meet the challenges, and savor the joys, or your children’s teen years.